Carolina Princess Program - Miss North Carolina Organization's mentorship program (ages 6-12)


The Purpose and Goals of the Carolina Princess Program:

  • The Carolina Princess Program is for young ladies ranging in ages from 6 to 12 years old.
  • It is a mentoring program in which the Carolina Princesses are mentored by local Miss North Carolina and Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen titleholders during their year of service. A Carolina Princess is encouraged to join her mentor in as many appearances, volunteer opportunities and other events as possible.
  • Carolina Princesses will participate in the Carolina Princess production number and attend promotional events with their mentors during the week of the Miss North Carolina & Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen Competitions.
  • The main goal of the Carolina Princess Program is to enable Carolina Princesses to have better insight to the Miss North Carolina & Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen Competitions and what the Miss America program is all about.
  • The Carolina Princess Program:
    • encourages younger, active involvement in the Miss North Carolina & Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen programs;
    • provides a forum for personal growth;
    • mentors using positive role models;
    • most of all is fun all while serving the North Carolina communities!

Carolina Princesses begin their mentorship with Miss and Outstanding Teen candidates at the local level. To find where an eligible young woman may become involved in the Carolina Princess Program, please find a local competition and contact the Local Executive Director for details.

P.O. Box 17205
Raleigh, NC 27619

An Official Preliminary to the
Miss America Competition


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