Covid Procedures: June 2021 State Competition

From the Miss North Carolina Organization:

All Participants – Board of Directors, State Committee, Production Team, Candidates (Miss/Teen), Carolina Princesses, Judges, Auditors:

All individuals involved will be required to provide a hard copy of negative COVID test result administered no longer than 3 days prior to their arrival in High Point. In lieu of testing, individuals may provide a hard copy of valid COVID vaccination (front and back of card) that indicates the appropriate number of vaccines have been properly conveyed.

Anyone involved who exhibits symptoms during competition week (fever, chills, cough, nausea) should make the appropriate person aware so that a decision can be made as to the next steps to be taken. No one who is feeling unwell should present to the High Point Theatre or any other competition venue. A medical consideration will need to be made prior to allowing anyone to participate who has symptoms that could be related to COVID or any other communicable condition. If a candidate or CP is confirmed to have such an illness, they must withdraw immediately. The same is true for all other participants to include judges and auditors.

Masks will not be required for anyone who has been vaccinated; however, the wearing of same is certainly an individual decision and therefore anyone who feels the need to wear the mask for protection should certainly feel free to do so.

Should stricter guidelines be imposed by the State of NC prior to or during competition week, we will adjust this protocol accordingly.

Candidates – Miss and Teen

The wearing of masks will be left up to the individual and/or their parent(s)/guardian(s). We will not require social distancing given the recent relaxation of prior mandates. Should a candidate elect to wear a mask while competing judges will be instructed to not allow that to be a negative consideration in their judging of any competition.

Carolina Princesses – Miss and Teen

Given that CPs are not covered under vaccine guidelines at this time, all CPs will be required to wear masks at all times while in the theatre and on stage. Social distancing will not be invoked. CPs should provide the negative test outcome as discussed above.

It is our sincere desire to provide an environment that is safe for all concerned. We understand that due to individual circumstances, some are more anxious than others as it relates to being in public with a larger crowd of people. We encourage everyone to do whatever they need to make themselves feel comfortable and protected. It is our desire to be as supportive as possible. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Viewing Public

If fully vaccinated, the viewing public is free to attend the competitions and not wear masks.  Anyone who has not been appropriately vaccinated is encouraged to wear a mask at all times in the theatre and in the presence of the young ladies involved.  Please follow this requirement so that you do not unduly expose yourself or others to the virus.  The competitors have worked hard and waited a long time for this opportunity.  Let’s make sure to provide them with a chance to complete this process without having to be concerned about being exposed to COVID or other communicable illnesses.

Please contact Phyllis Dunn at 910-890-3468 with any COVID-related questions.

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