Meet Fayetteville’s Latest Headliners: Janae & Jenna Grace! 2024 Spotlight Profiles

Hey there, Fabulous Folks from the Miss North Carolina Organization Community!

We’re excited to spotlight two incredible new additions from the Miss Fayetteville Organization. Let’s dive into the lives of Janae Johnson, Miss Fayetteville 2024, and Jenna Grace Nance, Miss Fayetteville’s Teen 2024!

Miss Fayetteville 2024

Janae Johnson

What's special?

Janae brings her unique original monologue talent to the forefront with a major in Sports Management and Communication Studies at UNC Chapel Hill. Her initiative, "Power of Voice," empowers young women to use their voices for positive change. Janae’s not just about academics and advocacy; she’s also an avid sports fan who has traveled extensively in the Caribbean, yet she confesses she’s still to master a cartwheel!

Fayetteville’s Teen 2024

Jenna Grace Nance

What's fascinating?

Jenna Grace is a dynamic acro lyrical dancer with aspirations to become a Behavior Analyst. Currently a sophomore at Gray’s Creek High School, she’s deeply involved in promoting kindness with her initiative, "Freedom To Be Kind." Jenna loves 80's music and shares a unique naming tradition in her family where even the dogs are included!

These incredible young women are redefining what it means to be community leaders and role models. They are not just titleholders; they are catalysts for change and inspiration. Ready to learn more about these phenomenal personalities? Dive into their stories, dreams, and unique adventures by clicking here. Trust us, you won’t want to miss these remarkable profiles!

Let’s support these amazing individuals as they light up the stage with their passion and commitment. Don’t forget to spread the word and share their stories with your friends, family, and your entire social network.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and incredible stories from our exceptional Miss North Carolina Class of 2024!

About the Miss North Carolina Organization

As an official state preliminary associated with the Miss America Organization, the Miss North Carolina Organization (MNCO) is a part of the largest scholarship providing organization for women in the world. Promoting an emphasis on academics and communication skills, the MNCO is considered a launching pad for young women to further their academic and career goals. Taylor Loyd currently serves as Miss North Carolina 2023. Hanley House, crowned Miss North Carolina’s Teen 2023, became the first teen from North Carolina to win the national title as Miss America’s Teen 2024. Annika Schneider has been crowned by House and now serves as Miss North Carolina’s Teen 2023. For more information about volunteering or competing, please visit

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