Meet Our Exceptional Moore County Titleholders: 2024 Spotlight Profiles

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Buckle up for more excitement because we’ve just added two new stellar Spotlight profiles. 🌟✨ We’re thrilled to introduce you to two more incredibly talented and driven individuals who are a part of the Miss North Carolina Class of 2024. Each of them brings their unique sparkle and passion to the stage, and their stories are bound to inspire you!

Let’s dive into the incredible worlds of our new spotlights:

Moore County’s Teen 2024

McKenzie Baddour

Community Service Initiative

Take The Lead: Partnering Dance With Education

Talent Category


What's incredible?

McKenzie's passion for combining dance with education to promote physical and mental health among kids is truly inspiring. Did you know she just came back from a 4-week trip out West and owns a horse farm? Talk about a dynamic personality!

Miss Moore County 2024

Calli Brielle McIntyre

Community Service Initiative

Be FARE – Food Allergy Research and Education

Favorite Pastimes

Calli enjoys being a dance and voice instructor for young people

What's captivating?

Calli's dedication to food allergy research and education is commendable. Her remarkable achievements include writing and self-publishing a children’s book, “The Anteater That Couldn’t Eat Ants”, and even singing with Boyz II Men once! Plus, she's a tinned fish connoisseur who loves designing charcuterie boards. Now, that's unique!

Ready to learn more about these phenomenal personalities? Dive into their stories, dreams, and unique adventures by clicking here. Trust us, you won’t want to miss these remarkable profiles!

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As an official state preliminary associated with the Miss America Organization, the Miss North Carolina Organization is a part of the largest scholarship providing organization for women in the world. Promoting an emphasis on academics and communication skills, the MNCO is considered a launching pad for young women to further their academic and career goals. Taylor Loyd currently serves as Miss North Carolina 2023 and Hanley House serves as Miss North Carolina’s Teen 2023. For more information about volunteering or competing, please visit

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