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Spotlight: Savanna Holland, Miss Central Carolina's Teen 2024

Talent Category: Dance (Lyrical)

Previous MAO Titles: Garner’s Teen ’23

Hometown: Durham, NC

Current Schooling: Junior at Eno River Academy High School

What are your scholastic and/or career ambitions? I am working to achieve a degree in Sports Broadcasting and obtain a career working in the ACC, specializing in football and basketball.

Community Service Initiative (CSI): Donating for DBA

What are some objectives you have as a titleholder? My Community Service Initiative: Donating for DBA aims to inspire people to donate blood and educate our community on rare blood diseases like Diamond-Blackfan Anemia. During my year as Miss Central Carolina’s Teen I plan to host multiple blood drives including hosting a Blood Bowl between high schools in Davidson County. As the blood donor age is 16+, I plan to get into multiple high schools and discuss the importance of donating blood as students reach the age of 16. Only 3% of eligible donors donate annually. Together we can get that number up, one pint at a time.

What are some interesting facts abut you? I am bilingual in both English and American Sign Language!

What do you enjoy doing for fun? I have been a competitive dancer for 12 years and enjoy attending dance competitions with my friends. When I am not dancing I enjoy spending quality time with the people in my life that make me happy.

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