Spotlight: Harley Reese Murray, Miss Wendell’s Teen 2024 | Miss North Carolina Organization

Spotlight: Harley Reese Murray, Miss Wendell's Teen 2024

Talent Category: Dance (Clogging)

Previous MAO Titles: Jacksonville’s Teen ’23

Hometown: Middlesex, NC

Current Schooling: Junior at Community Christian School in Wilson, NC

What are your scholastic and/or career ambitions? Obtain a degree in Journalism from The University of Alabama, with the hopes of becoming a Nascar Commentator

Community Service Initiative (CSI): Every Swipe Counts

What are some objectives you have as a titleholder? “Every Swipe Counts” -Educating & Empowering our youth on their financial literacy and responsibilities. Our communities are depending on the futures of youth today and I believe if I can teach financial literacy and the value of reinvesting in our communities in years to come our local business, communities, and economy will still be thriving.

What are some interesting facts abut you? I can blow the yolk out of an egg. My nickname is “Bougie Cowgirl.” I enjoy showing chickens & pigs at local livestock events.

What do you enjoy doing for fun? Attending high school sporting events; spending time with family & friends; shopping; going to the beach; and cheering my dad on at the local racetracks.

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