Spotlight: Hayden Pearson, Miss Queen City’s Teen 2024 | Miss North Carolina Organization

Spotlight: Hayden Pearson, Miss Queen City's Teen 2024

Talent Category: Dance (Tap)

Previous MAO Titles: Miss NC’s OT’s Carolina Princess ’13 & ’16, Goldsboro’s OT ’20-21, Johnston County’s Teen ’22, Fayetteville’s Teen ’23

Hometown: Smithfield, NC

Current Schooling: Senior at South Johnston High School dually enrolled at Johnston Community College

What are your scholastic and/or career ambitions? Attend a four-year university to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science/Criminology and become a Forensic Scientist.

Community Service Initiative (CSI): The Red Balloon Project

What are some objectives you have as a titleholder? My CSI is “The Red Balloon Project” and my goal is to host birthday parties for critically ill children to help their worries float away like a red balloon.

What are some interesting facts about you? I share a pet cow with my Carolina Star and I love true crime!

What do you enjoy doing for fun? I love traveling and trying new things. I adore adventure and exploring the world around me. Spending time with family and friends is something I treasure!

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