Spotlight: Julia Walsh, Miss Lake Norman 2024 | Miss North Carolina Organization

Spotlight: Julia Walsh, Miss Lake Norman 2024

Talent Category: Vocal

Previous MAO Titles: Rose Hill ’18, Henderson ’19, Zebulon ’20, Wilson ’23

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Current Schooling: Cum Laude Graduate of William Peace University with a BFA in Musical Theater

What are your scholastic and/or career ambitions? Perform in a leading role on Broadway and study at the New York Film Academy

Community Service Initiative (CSI): Match For Clarity

What are some objectives you have as a titleholder? Dyslexia is a life-long reading/writing/spelling disability that causes difficulties in processing/remembering information and affects learning and literacy. I went over a decade with undiagnosed dyslexia, leaving me feeling inadequate, anxious and with very low self-esteem. Dyslexia has no bearing on intelligence and with early diagnosis and the proper accommodations, students can succeed in the classroom and in life. I am advocating for legislation that will mandate the use of the International Dyslexia Association’s screening tool in every first-grade classroom in North Carolina and I propose changing the month of October from dyslexia awareness month to dyslexia screening month. My plans include educating the State of North Carolina on the challenges of living with dyslexia, the benefits of early diagnosis and the importance of having a mentor. #UntilEveryoneCanRead

What are some interesting facts about you? I have worked in 8 different states in the last 2 years as a professional actress. I taught my cat, Chanel, to obey commands and I’d love to be a host on a baking show!

What do you enjoy doing for fun? I love to travel, I’m a foodie and I relax by exercising and spending time with my cat, Chanel.

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