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Spotlight: Maura Westbrook, Miss Sampson County 2024

Talent Category: Vocal

Previous MAO Titles: Miss Fayetteville’s OT ’18, Johnston County ’20, Cleveland ’23

Hometown: Clinton, NC

Current Schooling: I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in the spring with a double major in Management and Society, and Media & Journalism with a concentration in Ad/PR. I currently work in Raleigh as a recruiter for a company called Insight Global.

What are your scholastic and/or career ambitions? I will eventually go back to school to obtain my MBA/JD through a dual program. I want to own a renovation company/have a real estate firm. In the future, I hope to be apart of a company’s executive suite.

Community Service Initiative (CSI): The Be With Purpose Foundation

What are some objectives you have as a titleholder? My CSI is The Be With Purpose Foundation which aims to alleviate and eradicate homelessness with a special focus on female homelessness. With my local title I hope to work with local restaurants in a food waste reduction initiative, while also holding local fundraisers to raise funds for homeless shelters in the area. I will also continue my current work with the womens center in Raleigh!

What are some interesting facts abut you? I was an extra in a movie, I have scuba dived the largest reef in North America and I have a heart shaped birth mark on my foot. 

What do you enjoy doing for fun? I am a social butterfly! I love film so I enjoy going to the movies. I love being outside, hiking, cycling and reading. I love going to the art museum on a sunny day and enjoying their nature trails. I love to cook pasta and bake brownies. I enjoy doing musical theatre or watching live art.

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